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Welcome to the Legends Evolved Trainee Application

**NOTE:** This application is for a position as Trainee, the "trial" rank of our team. To get a position as Mod or higher, you first must become a Trainee then work your way up!

As a Trainee, your responsibilities would include, but are not limited to, player support, Minecraft server moderation, Discord server moderation, and participation in various server events. If this interests you, make sure to check out our requirements and fill out the application!

To become a Trainee, you must:

  1. Have 24 hours of in-game time on our server.

  2. Be 14 years of age, or older. Younger applicants are allowed, but will be held to a higher standard.

  3. Own a working microphone.

  4. Be able to attend an interview with one of our recruiters.

  5. Have no recent punishment history.

Staff Application

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