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1. Be Respectful and Ethical

- Players are expected to treat one another with respect and dignity. There is a certain code of conduct all players are expected to maintain and if that expectation is not met, the player is subject to punishment. This includes, but is not limited to: targeting new players, discriminating against players based on their ethnicity or gender, and bullying. 


1st Offense - 24-hour ban or mute.

2nd Offense - One-week ban or mute. 

3rd Offense - Permanent ban or mute.


2. No Swearing, Harassing, Sexualized Comments, Racism, nor Vulgarity

- Swearing, harassment, sexual comments, racism, and vulgarity, in general, will not be tolerated. This does include crud sexist comments.


1st Offense - Warning 

2nd Offense - 1 hour mute.

3rd Offense - 24 hour mute.

4th Offense - Permanent mute

3. Bypassing Chat Filters & Spam is Prohibited

- Bypassing the chat filter through any kind of method is prohibited. Chat spam is also not permitted.  

- Punishments 

1st Offense - Warning 

2nd Offense - 1 hour mute.

3rd Offense - 24 hour mute.

4th Offense - Permanent mute

4. No Griefing or Raiding in Protected Areas

- Though griefing and raiding are allowed in unprotected areas, specifically No Man’s Land, in the cities and claimed Safe Wilderness plots it is prohibited. 


1st Offense - 1 Week Ban

2nd Offense - 1 Month Ban

3rd Offense - Permanent Ban.

5. No Hacked Clients or Unauthorized Mods

- Legends Evolved aims to provide fair gameplay within its own parameters and strictly prohibits the use of hacked clients and unauthorized mods. An unauthorized mod is any mod that gives the player any type of x-ray, player tracking, or cheating capabilities. Logging in with the mod is not allowed. Forgetting to uninstall any sort of unauthorized mod is not an excuse. Auto clickers that are built-in mouses aren’t allowed as well. If you have a question about a mod then ask a staff member. Any modifications to the Legends Mod itself will result in an instant permanent ban.


1st Offense - 2 Week Ban

2nd Offense - 1 Month.

3rd Offense - Permanent Ban


6. No Psuedomoderating

- While players are encouraged to inform each other of the rules, they are not authorized to enforce them. Only staff members and specialized personnel have the authority to actually enforce the laws of the server. If you find a player breaking one or more of the rules, report it to staff.


May Vary

7. No Spawn Killing

- Spawn killing is strictly prohibited and is not limited just to the Spawn lobby itself. Spawn killing is the act of killing someone as they spawn or respawn at any point anywhere in the server. Spawn killing begins on the 3rd kill in a row.


1st Offense - Warning 

2nd Offense - 24 Hour Ban

3rd Offense - 1 Week Ban

4th Offense - 1 Month Ban


- Killing constantly IN any arena is classified as okay as that is a PVP zone! 

8. No AFK Pools/Farming

- AFK Pools or any method of bypassing the auto AFK system is strictly prohibited. 


1st Offense - 2 Day Ban

2nd Offense - 1 Week Ban

3rd Offense - 1 Month Ban


9. No Soliciting nor Advertising

- Though Legends Evolved encourages community engagement, this is not the place to advertise other mods, servers, videos, and/or streams. Players are playing the server for the server, not to be solicited by you or anyone else to join theirs in any method of communication unless given permission to do so by GeneralGigan.

Punishments (May Very Depending on the Intensity):

1st Offense - 24 Hour Mute.

2nd Offense - 1 Month Mute.

3rd Offense - Permanent Mute or Ban


10. No Breaking and Entering into Owned City Houses

- One of the perks of owning a house in the city is it has some protection by law. Players who break into houses uninvited, which are located in one of the cities,  are subject to punishment.


Offense - 1 Day Ban

11. No Rioting/Mutinies

- Rioting and mutinies are prohibited and will result in a server-wide warning, followed by disabling chat. If the issue continues, an admin or higher will be contacted to assess the situation.

12. No DDoS Threats and or Attacks

- Any threat or attack, successful or not, will not be taken lightly and will result in an immediate permanent ban.


13. No Enchanted Lightsabers

- Enchanted sabers are prohibited. If you are caught using one it will be removed without replacement. This is in coordination with new conditions the mod is putting in place to prohibit enchantments on sabers in the future.


14. No Scamming ANYWHERE

- Scamming players out of tokens, credits, in-game money, suits, or items, etc, is not allowed! To help prevent being scammed do /trade <user>.


Offense - 1 to 7 Day Ban and Confiscation of Trading Materials.


15. Set Homes

- Regardless of the world, players are not allowed to set homes (/sethome) at or near other players’ bases unless given permission by the house owner or if they own the land. If you /trust or give someone access to your city house then that gives them the right to set a home there. If you remove them from your claim they have a few days to remove the home.


Offense - 1 Hour Ban and Removal of Home


16. No Game-breaking Exploits

- No abusing exploits that will enhance the user’s gameplay such as duping items, suits, currency, etc. You cannot be banned for abusing a character’s abilities if broken.

Punishments (May Vary Depending on intensity and intensity is determined by the staff): 

Intensity 1 Offense - 1-week ban

Intensity 2 Offense - 1-month ban

Intensity 3 Offense - Permanent Ban


17. No Ban Evading

- If you were banned you are not allowed to join with an alt or use a VPN to change your IP to avoid your ban.


Offense - Longer ban or a ban on the alt.

18. No Renaming Items to Inappropriate Names

        - You may not rename any item to anything inappropriate. The staff has the right to determine what is inappropriate.


       Offense - 1 Day Ban and Removal of the item without a replacement


19. No Inappropriate Usernames or Skins

- Usernames that have inappropriate words are not allowed as well as skins that are inappropriate.


Offense - Perm Ban until the username or skin is changed. 

20. No Refunds or Chargebacks.

- Legends Evolved does not offer refunds and if the buyer files a chargeback they will be permanently banned without the option of appeal.



Link to Google Doc of Rules: CLICK HERE

NOTE: Rules are subject to change at ANY given time! 

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