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What mods are required for the server?

The only mod you need for Legends Evolved is the latest version of the Legends Mod. Link to to the website here: 

Legends Mod

How do I report a player?

To report a player go to the Legends Mod Discord and contact a staff member. Make sure their mod rank has (LE) in it. Please provide proof when doing so.

How do I buy a rank?

Visit our donation store on how to obtain ranks and what they give. 

Will I get a virus downloading the mod for the server?

How do I play the Hero Games?

The Hero Games is still in BETA, but you can still play buy doing /warps and clicking on HeroGames. Find an area of your choice and right-click the sign and select a character. If a character's alternate suit is locked then you aren't the proper rank. If right-clicking the sign doesn't work then do /battle.

How do I become a verified player?

If you can't access Paradise Falls or Vill Dream that means you're not a verified player. To become a verified player you must have played on the server for at least 24 hours. Do /ar check to see your in game time.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions relate directly to the Legends Evolved server! If you'd like to see a FAQ for the Mod visit the Legends Mod Discord.

What do I do when I join the server?

How do I claim land?

To claim land you must have a golden shovel. This does some with kit starter. You must be in the Safe Wilderness world. Here is a small video showing how to claim land: YouTube Video

When you first join the server you will start at spawn. There are portals in the survival section (directly in front) where you choose which place you'd like to travel to. There are two starter options to start off with. The first option is going to Safe Wilderness where you can claim land and build your base. However, modded ores do NOT spawn here. The second place to go is No Mans Land. Here you can not claim land so your base could be griefed. However, modded ores DO spawn here.

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